360° Surveys

Constructive feedback from all of an employee's colleagues can be crucial to development. Most HR departments have realized the benefits of 360° feedback reviews. Apian is able to provide a tool that incorporates all the the required aspects of a 360° survey and delivers it in an intuitive, private, secure, and complete web site.


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SurveyHost is the tool chosen by some of the largest international empoyers. Some available 360° features:

  • multi-level support for specifying managers, director, reports, or any other heirarchy.
  • multi-language support for deploying across an international workforce.
  • send email invitations and follow-up non-respondent reminders
  • provide 3rd-party confidentiality for employees
  • custom branding/design to match company identity or ensure 3rd party affiliation
Selected clients:
"Features allow us to create simple to complex questionnaires and data collection forms, as well as benefit from the use of visually appealing graphical displays of the data." Marnette Dhooghe, M.S.
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs
"Regardless of the type of survey or the application, the Apian products are professional, easy-to-use, and provide a reporting platform which is the best in its class." Mark Robledo
The Crossroads Group
I have used it for both domestic and international surveys and found it to be easy to use – both in initial survey design and in its very flexible and inclusive reporting capabilities. John Iannuzzi
Phoenix Partners


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