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How long would you like your account to be active? All accounts are based on calendar months. The remaining day(s) left in this month will be pro-rated.

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Each QuestionWeb survey is assigned a unique number, which becomes part of your survey URL. This number represents a folder on the QuestionWeb server. Each folder may only contain one survey at a time, but may be re-used for new surveys as often as you like.

QuestionWeb pricing is based on the number of these folders you use, and the length of your subscription.

First survey folder
1-3 Months$45/month
4-6 Months$40/month
7 Months +$35/Month

Each additional concurrent folder


(Monthly charges the same as above)

Optional Features (prices per folder per month)
SSL Encryption$10
Increased Capacity$15


QuestionWeb offers two optional features:

SSL Encryption: this gives you the “https” URL and encrypts the data between the respondent’s browser and our servers. It offers an extra measure of security for sensitive data. It can also help prevent an internal IT department from being able to access responses for a sensitive employee survey.

Increased Capacity: this doubles your “page starts per minute” from 250 to 500. Page starts are the number of people who can start a survey in any given minute. With 500 page starts, and a 10-page survey, up to 50 people can start the survey each minute. This means 3000 respondents an hour. If you go with the standard capacity of 250 page starts/minute, you would be able to have up to 1500 respondents per hour. Further attempts to access the survey are greeted with a “survey busy please try back later” message. If your email invitations are sent out in waves or spaced throughout the day, you can easily prevent this from happening.

Capacity increases past this point are not available with the QuestionWeb service – for an extremely high-volume survey please contact SurveyHost to discuss hosting arrangements.