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User Guide & Help

In the QuestionWeb Control Panel, help is available for each step of the process, just click the “Help” link near the top of the screen.

For a step-by-step example of publishing and uploading please download the SurveyPro 5 Tutorial Manual from the PDF Documentation section. Chapter 17 shows how to access your QuestionWeb folder using the login information emailed to you. The Guide also has examples of creating web surveys in SurveyPro.

Free Support

Included with active QuestionWeb folders:

Contact Apian Technical Support at

QuestionWeb Uptime & Security

Apian Software uses dedicated servers at a premier managed host for its Web survey hosting. The data center provides 100% network uptime through a redundant network architecture, redundant Internet connectivity through multiple providers, and both battery and generator backup. Technicians monitor the servers and network 24/365, and are available on-site to perform routine maintenance after hours or address any issues when they occur. Data center access is restricted to background screened personnel and uses biometric as well as password protocols to regulate access. For additional details on the data center, please contact Apian Sales at

Within the data center, Apian uses high-speed dual processor servers to ensure quick processing of survey responses. A hardware firewall screens incoming requests before they reach the "hardened" server processing your survey responses. Data is protected by RAID arrays, Executive Software's Un-Delete, and regular backups. Apian's survey processing engine and server architecture were designed to maximize security and to virtually eliminate the impact of one survey's load on another. Projects do not share data files or database entries. There are continuous automatic software monitors on server performance as well as routine reviews by Apian staff of performance logs.

Most QuestionWeb projects do not involve any Apian contact with customer data and files. However, should a support issue require Apian work with customer data/files to resolve, the following security protocols will apply. Apian's Seattle staff connects to the Web servers through a virtual private network (VPN) which encrypts all project files while in transit. Within Apian's network, access to survey projects is restricted using group permissions policies. You are primarily responsible for the safety of your data. Please download your data regularly, and back up and archive according to your own policies. Survey data files will no longer be available after your QuestionWeb folders have expired, or after you have replaced the survey with a new one.

For our clients downloading data, 128bit SSL encryption protects your files during the download process. QuestionWeb also offers SSL encryption for the surveys themselves (as an optional add-on feature), protecting respondents' submissions between their desktops and our servers.

QuestionWeb Confidentiality Policy

We understand that survey data can be quite sensitive, covering issues from employee morale to future product development. In addition, the survey data and your project content are your intellectual property. Most QuestionWeb projects do not involve any contact with customer data and files. However, should a support issue require Apian work with customer data/files to resolve, the following security protocols will apply:

Client company names may be included in marketing materials, but specific contact information is considered confidential. Email addresses or other respondent information, and all survey data collected is confidential. Survey content is considered confidential.

We are always happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before receiving your survey materials. For more details, please see our privacy policy.