SurveyPro 5 Demo Web Surveys

If you’re considering purchasing SurveyPro: Please check out the demos below. They give examples of just a few of the wide array of survey design features built into SurveyPro. Everything shown on this page is included in your SurveyPro purchase, with no knowledge of web programming required. Click on the “Launch Demo” button to view skips/branching, piping information forward, looping surveys, multi-language surveys, and more.

If you already own SurveyPro: SurveyPro has such extensive survey design features there may be useful features you don’t yet know about. Or, you might want to get started quickly with your first project by using a template. Click on the “Download” button to experiment with a demo on your own. All files are free to SurveyPro4 users.

Survey Demo Image

Branding/Design - Customer Feedback Survey

A cohesive brand identity is an important part of any organization's website. SurveyPro allows you to include logos, images, and styling to match your survey to your existing web presence.

Survey Demo Image

Personalized Survey - Display Respondent Answers

This survey shows how simple it is to display entered data in later survey text. It also highlights Pause/Resume, Skipping/Branching, Randomizing, Matrices, Autonumber, and Required questions.

Survey Demo Image

Pipe-In - Import Data

This survey demonstrates the ability of SurveyPro4 to pipe-in data from external files or databases. This feature is particularly useful when you need respondents to confirm or edit demographic or other personal information. It also showcases a wide variety of scale types included in SurveyPro.

Survey Demo Image

Looping-Feature - Multiple Ratees

If a respondent needs to evaluate multiple things or people, you can use looping. This is a simpler version of our 360 Survey functionality (see SurveyHost 360 Demo Here).

This survey shows how an auto manufacturer provides respondents the opportunity to rate multiple dealerships... without having to repeat other, non-related (demographic) questions. It also features termination conditions and individual passwords.

Survey Demo Image

Handheld - Survey for Mobile Devices

Handheld platforms are an important factor to consider when deploying surveys. They are partcularly useful when deploying surveys to a mobile workforce, or when collecting data via "man-on-the-street" interviews.

Basic web surveys are compatible with all major non-WAP mobile browsers. Supported operating systems include iPhone, Blackberry, Palm (Palm OS and webOS), Windows Mobile, and others.

Survey Demo Image

Multi-Language Survey

Multiple-language surveys are required when deploying a survey to an international or multilingual pool of respondents. SurveyPro makes it easy with the ability to program surveys in all standard Windows languages (a complete list of supported languages.)

To deploy to additional languages such as Chinese and Japanese (also called double-byte languages), please contact SurveyHost.