SurveyPro 5 Features

SurveyPro is an integrated survey tool, with questionnaire design, a database, and an analysis and reporting engine all in one package. Why is SurveyPro special? Here are just a few reasons:

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Integrated Multimedia Survey Solution

Whether your target respondents are best reached via the web, paper, or kiosk/LAN surveys, SurveyPro 5 offers one solution.

Want to combine media? SurveyPro will let you create multiple versions of the same survey, for paper, scanning, web, or kiosk. In each version, you can customize the layout and instructions, and even add or delete questions. You can still analyze all the data together.

SurveyPro 5 provides your organization with the long-term flexibility you need, to choose the best media for your surveys now and in the future.

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One Stop Edits

Make a change to the questionnaire, and your database fields and report figures will automatically update - make changes, and they will ripple through the entire survey process in your SurveyPro file. If you've ever worked with a package that didn't do this, you know how many hours can be spent making sure that the same revisions are made in 4 places. This feature applies not only to the text of the question, but also to its data type - change the scale and the reports will update for the new type of data.

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Polished Presentation of Surveys

Potential respondents see so many surveys that yours needs to be exceptionally professional to capture their attention. SurveyPro's layout features help provide the credibility needed for high response rates.

SurveyPro offers standard default layouts that provide a professional image with very little effort, as well as extensive layout controls, giving you the option to completely customize the layout of your questionnaires.

For paper surveys, SurveyPro will automatically lay out the page with the bubbles or checkboxes lined up in grids, scales either below or to the right of the question, etc. Or, you can modify the defaults yourself to create exactly the look you want.

For Web surveys, SurveyPro has themes and standard settings that will quickly and easily create a polished web presence for your survey. Headers, footers, progress bars, and many other options are available. The in-browser preview mode lets you see how the survey will appear when published to the web.

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Powerful Web Features

What would you like your web survey to do? SurveyPro offers powerful options, enabling a variety of features, all without any programming required.

There are more subtle features. Just a few examples:

If there's a feature you need, we probably have it. Check out our detailed specifications or contact us for more information.

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Database Integrates with Other Applications

Do you have demographic or historical data in another database? Need to combine your survey data with your company database, using your survey as a data collection tool? No problem. SurveyPro supports a variety of import/export methods, including SQL, MS Access, and .csv. Additionally, for web surveys, data can be brought in from or passed to an outside database or text file.

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Sophisticated Reports

SurveyPro reports are sophisticated multi-figure documents with captions, subheads, numbering, footers, etc. Yet they're easy to create, with just a few clicks to select a type of figure to display a question's data.

Some publishing options for reports include:

On the reports themselves, you can create a wide variety of figure types: (click each for a sample)

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Flexible Filters, Cross-tabs, and Sub-group Analysis

SurveyPro offers an astonishing amount of control in filtering and subdividing your data. For example, you can create very large cross-tabs or banners, to break down survey responses by demographic data. The SurveyPro banner capabilities are commensurate with stand-alone cross-tab packages: they can be done 2-D or 3-D, with detailed labels, and with up to 500 banner points. There are both table and graphic display options.

For analysis by region, quarter, or employee (in a 360), Report On is a remarkable feature that basically lets you do a cross-tab at the report level. Create one report, then run that report for each element in the breakdown you choose, as well as comparisons to the aggregate. Use the date the survey was taken to show your organization's progress by quarter or year. Redefine the answers to a state question to reflect your company's sales regions, and then run the results for each region. Print out a report for each employee evaluated in a 360, all with just a few clicks.

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Analysis of Open-ended Comments

You've asked people to tell you what they think. They did. Now how do you present this information in a way that is useful for decision-makers? SurveyPro has a variety of ways to compile, analyze, and present open-ended response information. You can do automatic post-coding of written answers as if they were checkboxes - creating the question's scale after the survey is administered. SurveyPro will count short written answers or the responses entered in Other blanks. You have complete control over options for rescaling the responses, including keywords, prefixes, or suffixes. You can even cross-tab on written answer text!

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Unlimited Respondents and Surveys, No Annual Fees

You purchase the software for a one-time fee. SurveyPro is licensed based on the number of users creating surveys and reports at one time - not on the number of respondents, surveys, Web servers, or telephone operators. No subscriptions, no annual fees. Maintenance updates (minor releases of the software, short of major feature enhancements) are available for download free of charge from our website.

The only additional charges are if you don't have your own web server and wish to use QuestionWeb to publish your survey (leasing space on our server), and support contracts (entirely optional after your free 30 days).

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Easy to Learn

The software is intuitively designed and easy to use - many people just dive in as soon as they download it. We've done extensive work in the development process to simplify things. For example, dialogs only show the options that apply for your current configuration, and change dynamically when you modify your choices.

In addition, there are many ways to learn more about how to use SurveyPro:

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Unparalleled In-House Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team work in-house, in close contact with Development. They offer lightning-fast response times, in-depth knowledge of the software's functionality, and are in easy walking distance of the offices of the people who programmed the stuff in the first place. Depending on the support contract you choose, you are guaranteed a response via phone or email within 4 business hours or 1 business day. Many calls ring straight through to one of our friendly representatives.