Kiosk, LAN, and Telephone Surveys

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The DirectCollect module, included with SurveyPro 5, will create an independent executable version of your survey. This mini-program can be run on a kiosk, a laptop, your local area network, or the desktops of telephone interviewers. The data files are then imported back into SurveyPro for analysis together.

Click to download a zip file, then extract all the files to the same folder. Double-click on apian-kiosk-demo.exe to start the survey.

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For more information about kiosk, LAN, or telephone surveys with SurveyPro, please check out the Features page. There are sample surveys and reports above, as well as links to the other media available (on the right-side menu). If you have a question about a particular feature – SurveyPro probably does whatever you're looking for – just ask our Sales department at

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