SurveyPro 5 Specifications

Need more information about the SurveyPro software? Below is a reasonably complete list of what the software can do — but if you don't see a feature you need, please check with our Sales Department. The feature you're looking for might not be listed, or might be called something different. You might also check out the Features page for an overview of the benefits of SurveyPro, and the FAQ page for more of the detailed explanations.

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Multimedia Survey Software (SurveyPro)

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Document Design (Questionnaires and Reports)

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Web Surveys with NetCollect (Note: NetCollect is included in SurveyPro 5)

Web Questionnaire Design:
Web Questionnaire Features:
Survey Administration and Data Handling:
NetCollect Server Application Programming Interface (API):
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Kiosk/LAN/Telephone Surveys with DirectCollect (Note: DirectCollect is included in SurveyPro 5)

Kiosk Mode
Outbound Telephone Interviewing (TeleInterview):
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Additional Data Entry Stations with KeyCollect (Note: KeyCollect is included in SurveyPro 5)

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Analysis and Reporting

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User Interface

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Supported Languages

SurveyPro supports development of surveys in the following languages:

Additional language surveys can be created by SurveyHost. Please contact for more information.

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System Requirements

SurveyPro 5 System Requirements
Web Server Requirements (for online surveys)
Scanning Survey Requirements (for scanning paper surveys)
Respondent EMailer Requirements