Technical Support Overview

Apian Software’s Technical Support team offers top-quality in-house support. Our team is judged on how successful you are, not how fast they can end phone calls. The staff members work closely with our development team to make sure they quickly help you move forward with your project.

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Support Contracts

A support contract covers either the SurveyPro family or the DecisionPad family. If you own both please contact for a combined quote .

Support contracts come in two "sizes": Single and Site. With a Single support contract, you may have one person from your organization contact support (your contact person can be changed once per year). A Site support contract allows an unlimited number of contact people from one physical location or site. All support contracts cover installations of software and online projects on systems under your organization’s direct control.

Support contracts come in two "flavors": Gold and Platinum. All contracts include phone and/or email support.

Feature Details Gold Platinum
Covers all contracted family's current products Checkmark Checkmark
Highly trained support technicians Checkmark Checkmark
Phone and email Checkmark Checkmark
1 business day response time (usually faster) Checkmark  
Up to 6 incidents per year for Single Checkmark  
Up to 15 incidents per year for Site Checkmark  
4 business hour response time (usually faster)   Checkmark
Unlimited incidents per year   Checkmark
Document Review before sending out your survey or decision   Checkmark
Covers NetCollect installed on your own server   Checkmark

An “incident” includes as many phone calls and emails as it takes to resolve the issue you contacted us about. An “issue” would include specific questions about using the software, or any problems encountered such as error messages or difficulty publishing. For example, a question such as “I can’t figure out how to create a particular scale” would be included in a support contract. More general questions, such as “I need help setting up a survey” or “How do I make reports” are likely to fall under the category of Coaching. Please see below for details on our personalized training.

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Free Support

Included No Charge with All SurveyPro or DecisionPad Purchases:
Included No Charge with Active QuestionWeb Folders, Free Support on:
Included if you purchased Remark OMR scanning software through Apian Software:
DecisionPad support includes the use of balloting folders.

For other issues, please see the support contract descriptions above.

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Coaching and Filework – Hourly Training and Assistance

Some organizations find they want personalized training on our products. Or, you might find you have a looming deadline and need some assistance to prepare your survey or decision. Coaching and FileWork are done by the same highly trained technicians you're used to for Technical Support.

Coaching is done one-on-one over the phone and the web, as a personalized training class, using tools that let you both 'share' a computer screen as if you were in the same room. They will teach you in depth the step-by-step process for your current SurveyPro or DecisionPad project. For SurveyPro this includes all aspects of the survey process: questionnaire design, data collection, and report generation. You can even use your own project file as the example for your training, so your project is moving towards completion during your session.

FileWork is hourly work done on your project. Just email us the file, and we’ll get to work on anything from creating your questionnaire or decision matrix to fine-tuning reports.

Our customers often use Coaching and FileWork for:

To schedule Coaching or FileWork, please contact our Technical Support department directly at

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Custom Project Support – Web Hosting and Scanning

If you would like us to handle the scanning of paper forms or host a web survey, please ask. We may be able to quote an attractive solution. Contact or to discuss your project needs.

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Support Policies

Support Hours and Contact Information
Support Period for Previous Versions of Software

Previous versions of software will be supported for 1 year after a new version of the same software product has been released.

We are no longer offering support on SurveyPro 2.0, DirectCollect 3.0, NetCollect 3.0 (and all prior versions), or PERL Server Installations.

Confidentiality Policy

We understand that your project is sensitive, and sometimes the information is not even yours, but your client's. All project files sent to Apian are used only for the resolution of a technical problem or for the services we are providing. Apian has never, and will never, use either the design or data without your express written permission. We shred faxed or printed surveys and reports when the support issue is resolved, and safeguard any electronic versions with the same level of care we use for our own corporate data.

Terms and pricing subject to change without notice.