Training Course Outline

For both our public training courses and onsite training at your location. Curriculum can be customized for onsite training.

SurveyPro Training Class First 2 Days

Questionnaire design and reporting for all media web, paper, kiosk, scannable

In this course, you will start with an empty SurveyPro file and gradually build a sophisticated project. The class starts with the basic questionnaire elements and then adds layout and functional enhancements.

While the class does not assume any prior SurveyPro knowledge, it provides value to users at a variety of levels. Novices become acquainted with the full spectrum of options and learn the basics of building surveys and reports. Experienced users see how to apply the more advanced features to their projects, learn more efficient approaches, and pick up other "best practices" for their surveys and reports. Participants are encouraged to bring questions and project files as the course allows some time for individual requests, as well as opportunities for one-on-one instruction from your instructor during breaks.

SurveyPro Foundation

The class begins with SurveyPro's role in the larger survey process, structure of the SP4 files, and how to best manage multiple surveys in one or more SP4 files. Key elements of the user interface, such as the "pencil" buttons and object tree are also covered.


Most of the first day is devoted to building two questionnaire documents from scratch, including:

Data Collection

Day one concludes with adding data to the finished surveys:


Day two is all about exploring SurveyPro's reporting tools:

Web Surveys and Reports Only 3rd Day (1/2 day)

The NetCollect module builds on the lessons of the SurveyPro class, working in a Web-enabled classroom to post surveys to a live Web server: